Elite Dangerous HUD Colour

Small Windows 7/8 application that takes the COPIED colour matrix from the excellent website Elite: Dangerous HUD colour theme editor and patches it into the GraphicsConfiguration.xml file that comes with Elite:Dangerous.

Here’s the link. Open the zip and run Setup.

After you install the app, start it. The first time it runs it tries to find the location of the GraphicsConfiguration.xml file that contains the HUD colour matrix. Most of the time the app will find the location, but for a few people you’ll have to click Browse… and find it manually. Once the file is found, it will be forever remembered so you only have to do this once.

Then the fun begins: you have the option to restore the HUD colours to the original Orange. You can see the matrix that is currently applied, you can re-apply your previous colour theme if Elite was recently updated, or you can create a brand new colour scheme through the HUD colour theme website.

Once you’re happy with your choice, click on “Apply” and the xml file is patched.

Start Elite:Dangerous and enjoy your new HUD colours!


PS. The very first time the app runs, it will back up the original xml file, so you have a safe backup that can be restored at any time.