About Me

A Dutch Canadian, recently self-discovered introvert, who likes photography, cooking and making soap, all, I might add, the natural way.

As an ex-Dutchman, I like cheese, mushrooms, food in general. I am also extremely careful with money (cheap), which is why like my new plug-in hybrid car: not so much to save the environment, but more so because I have to purchase costly gasoline only once every few months.

Being an introvert: I recently figured out that I am a classic INTP introvert (in a Jung kind of way), whereas before I thought I was just shy… and weird sometimes. I never quite figured out why I didn’t like parties. Or small talk. Or audience participation. Or team building exercises (a personal hell). Turns out, this is perfectly normal for an introvert. And it is perfectly normal to be an introvert, even though our current extrovert-minded society sometimes makes it seem otherwise.

Photography. It is kind of weird with photography and me. I have a good eye for details (a general introvert trait), yet I lack the patience to wait out a really great scene. I love landscape photography, but the magic has to happen within 5 minutes of me arriving, otherwise I’ve lost interest and am moving along. So, the shots you see on this blog were all “spur of the moment” kind of snaps, and do not have the quintessential “perfect” National Geographic quality. Those guys/gals get up at 4 am and wait until 10 pm for the perfect shot. That is just not me. It will never happen. Therefore my shots will never get published, and are perfectly happy hanging on my walls.

I love to cook, and I love to eat well. This blog will contain some food items and recipes we cook regularly, cooked from scratch with real ingredients (is there any other way?).

Soap. My wife took a class on how to make soap, I got into it as well, and now, six months later, we have about 200 bars in the basement on racks and we’re adding 20 bars to that every week. It’s a great hobby: it’s relaxing (you don’t have to talk to anyone!), it’s about chemistry, and it’s about art. Like any hobby, it costs an arm and a leg, but it keeps me (thankfully) off the streets.

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